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Special Offer

It’s been a tough year for everyone so to kick-start your 2021 hiring we have an unmissable one-time offer

Reduced Fixed-Fee Incentive
What you see is what you pay - Fee calculated on base salary only.

Salary bindings as follows:

Salary Bindings Fixed Fee of
50,000 - 59,999 9,000*
60,000 - 79,999 11,000*
80,000 - 99,000 14,400*
100,000++ 20,000*

(*Local Currency £/€/US$)

Global Database of 100,000+ candidates. Inclusive of targeted advertising via KHL channels. Video interview of all shortlisted candidates.

Contact us at by 31st January 2021, to take advantage of this offer

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At Lawsons we are not just Consultants to our clients but also for our Candidates.

We are always looking for quality talent to represent. We are keen to talk to you to understand your needs, motivations and expectations.

Our Consultants will give open, frank assessments of the market and where we see opportunities for you within it, salary benchmarking and up-to-date industry trends.

Helping to guide your search and assist us in representing you.

Please reach out to us or upload your CV and we will be in touch.

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